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Photos and adventures from the earlier years

(For recent years, go to the newest pages.)


2006 memories

December    -- Christmas time

-- GG's third birthday
-- Owen's first birthday
-- visit to Nana and Pappa Larry in NY
January 2006    
-- Owen's baptism

2005 memories

-- Christmas
- Grammy 'Lainey visits!
January '05    
- Australia, etc.

2004 memories

- Christmas! Gillian walks!, Santa, etc.
- Gillian's first birthday party

2003 memories

May fun    
junk trip... Indian cooking...
Tasmania trip    
fun in Australia

2002 memories

Joseph Lucente    
- including some pictures from summer and autumn
  - Elephant Polo in Hua Hin - and fun in Bangkok
Qingdao - China    
  - a quick visit to the annual Beer Festival
Hanoi - Vietnam    
  - a quick visit, including Ha Long Bay
Kenney family adventures    
- to South Africa and Montana
Flat Zachary    
- our first guest in Hong Kong

2001 memories

assorted pictures from 2001

2000 memories

Honeymoon trip to Florence, Italy, including some pictures of the fabulous Hotel Torre di Bellosguardo in Firenze, Italia.

Wedding info (old)

other pictures from 2000

1999 memories

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